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Activities at Isla Marisol


Manta-scenes0011-400pxThe resort sits on one of the best diving sites in the western Caribbean, Glover’s Atoll. The atoll is also a Unitied Nations World Heritage Site and a Belizean Marine Reserve. It is one of the last spawning grounds of the Nassau grouper, and the reefs around the atoll harbor enormous populations of fish, in large part because of its protected status.

In addition, Isla Marisol is just yards from a 2,000-foot wall which offers divers an unparalleled variety of environments to explore.

Isla Marisol offers each guest 15-17 dives per week. Each of the 15 dive sites in the area showcases a different view of Belize's unique underworld. No two dives are ever the same.

The PADI certified dive masters will guide you through a maze of corals along the atoll's steep drop-off.  Each dive lasts roughly 45 minutes after which you return to the island for meals or simply to gather your breath for the next dive.

Isla Marisol is a PADI dive resort, so if you are not yet a certified diver, you will still be able to enjoy the aquatic wonderland. There is an instructor available who can certify non-divers upon request. Complete PADI training takes approximately four days, counting both classroom and in-the-water training. Once completed you are a certified diver! Or, complete your classroom coursework in your hometown before arriving and finish with a ‘Referral Course’ at the resort. You’ll have even more time as certified diver to join our regular guided dive groups. Go here to learn more!


Isla snorkelingThe reef around the resort provides a huge range of beautiful places where surface snorkeling and dives can be made. A short boat ride takes you through the shallow turquoise waters of the reef for the darker blues of the Caribbean.

Anchoring off the reef you can descend for surface dives around the reef. Over the reef is a pristine white sandy floor up to a depth of forty feet. On the western side of the Caye the coral shelf drops away, passing over colonies of garden eels; you may also leave the white sands for towering coral formations along the edge of the 2600 foot vertical wall, where schools of brilliantly colored fish drift over the vast depths below.


Kayaking-350Isla Marisol resort can provide single or double kayaks that can be paddled around the reef.   The resort  will ensure that  you have adequate instruction and a guide if required.

Kayaks are perfect for exploring the stunning reef systems of Glover's Atoll. Paddle between the small islands that make up the eastern wall of the atoll.

Please inquire at time of booking if you would like to reserve the equipment. If you wish to bring your own kayaks to Belize please advise us in advance so that arrangements can be made to transport them to the Caye.


fly1crop250Guests interested in sport fishing will not be disappointed. The bone fishing at Isla Marisol is superb, and it is common to pull in up to a dozen bone fish per session.

Permit, jack, wahoo, barracuda, bonefish, tarpon, kingfish, trigger fish, grouper, rock fish and bonito also provide great action for the sea fisherman.

Choose from one of our three fishing packages: fly-fishing, blue water trolling or drop fishing.



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