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Dive Turneffe Atoll in Belize at Blackbird Caye Resort

Turneffe Atoll is the closest to the mainland of the three atolls in Belize. Located 15 miles east of Belize City, the Turneffe Islands surround the largest atoll. Unlike the outer atolls, Turneffe is unique. It is not a ringlet of sandy islets like Lighthouse Reef and Glover's Atoll, but is instead nearly covered with thick green mangrove and a shallow lagoon. The huge juvenile nursery in the lagoon mangroves, shallows and mangrove lined coastal mainland provides a continuous flow of marine species in sizable numbers. Turneffe features world class dives such as the Elbow, off the extreme southern tip of the atoll.

 Z8E2824Turneffe Atoll offers true world class diving -- the visibility often ranges from 100 to 150 feet. The diving sites are considered some of the best in the Western Caribbean. Turneffe Atoll is the only Caribbean Atoll made up of dozens of mangrove islands which are the juvenile nurseries for coral reefs and also means many schools of fish.

Each day begins with an early breakfast, followed by two single tank morning dives and a single tank afternoon dive. Except for the Blue Hole Day & the Elbow dive, we return to shore between each dive. Our captain pilots the boat to you upon your ascent so there is no tiring swim back to the boat. Our divemasters rinse your gear each evening and sets it up for you after breakfast. No need to worry about it once you arrive on the island. There are 14 local dive sites with an average time of 12 minutes to reach them.

Some of the popular dive spots you will see are "Calabash Cut", "West Side Story", "CoCo Point", "Al's Hideout", "Oasis". One night dive is included for the 7 night & 4 night packages. Our dive shop is equipped w/dive gear and 2 compressors. Our staff of professionally trained dive masters and instructors will make every effort to fulfill your diving preferences.

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