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Four night package includes:

Snorkeling in a marine reserve

Cotton Tree snorkelingYou'll set out early in the morning for your trip down the Moho River on a comfortable, canopied skiff. Along the way, you'll see wildlife - iguanas sunning themselves on the river banks, turtles on the rocks, perhaps a monkey swinging through the trees. When you reach the sea, you will head to the Snake Cayes, a set of four small islands in the Port of Honduras Marine Reserve. Here, the shallow water is rich with marine life, including coral, tropical fish, turtles, conchs, and lobsters. After snorkeling, you'll swim to a deserted beach and enjoy a packed lunch. After lunch, there is more time for snorkeling, swimming, sunning, fishing with hand lines, and exploring the islands, including a stop at the ranger station. Snorkeling instruction for beginners is included.

Eladio Pop farm tour

Eladio Pop Agouti Cacao FarmArmed with his machete, dazzling smile, and boundless enthusiasm, Mr. Eladio Pop will share with you his life's passion - his organic farm. You will travel to the Mayan village of San Pedro Columbia, then hike the hilly property, following Eladio as he guides you through cacao and tropical fruit trees and a host of other exotic plants that feed his large family. Along the way, Eladio cuts samples for you to try, as he explains the natural health benefits of the various foods and his personal philosophy on organic farming and life.

After the farm tour, you'll return to the village and share a traditional lunch with Eladio and his family in their home. After lunch, Eladio's wife will demonstrate how the cacao beans are roasted, ground, and turned to chocolate. You'll have an opportunity to sample the fresh roasted cacao beans, and bring some home. The family also makes exquisite baskets that you may purchase.

Note: The hike on the farm can be physically challenging, especially if the ground is wet. This tour is not recommended for guests who have difficulty walking.


Blue Creek Cave swim

Cotton Tree cave swimClose to Cotton Tree Lodge lies the village of Blue Creek, surrounded by towering karst limestone hills and an extensive network of wet and dry caves, a perfect playground for adventure-loving travelers.

To reach the cave, you'll hike about twenty minutes over fairly easy terrain, through the jungle and upstream along the banks of the Moho river. As you approach the caves, the hike becomes more challenging for a few hundred yards, and then you arrive at the mouth of the cave, where you will step into the water and swim upstream towards the source of the river. Our trained guide accompanies you and provides lifejackets and headlamps as you swim into total darkness. You will see stalactites, stalagmites, and other unique rock formations as you swim and hike upstream. Archaeologists have found Late Classic ceramics and an altar inside this cave; it was probably used for Mayan ceremonial purposes.

Note: This is a physically challenging trip, but guests as young as two and as old as eighty have participated in the past.

Nighttime jungle walk

Venture out into the jungle with your guide from Cotton Tree Lodge, armed with boots, flashlights, and your thirst for adventure!  The jungle comes alive at night, and the remote location of Cotton Tree Lodge means a healthy population of wildlife, including active howler monkeys whose territorial calls sound like zombie cries.  This excursion is a favorite with adults and kids alike.

Cotton Tree Lodge watercraftOther activities to enjoy on your own at the lodge include birding, kayaking, swimming (no crocs in the river!), exploring the organic garden on site, borrowing a bicycle to ride to a nearby village, or relaxing in your screened cabana.  The Main Lodge is a popular gathering spot, with its extensive library and gift shop. 



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