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For years, Caye Resorts had the privelidge of owning and operating one of the most beloved and popular Belize resorts, Manta Resort. Manta was famous for an intimate, Robinson-crusoe-in-paradise feel, not to mention its insanely spectacular wall diving on Glover's Atoll, just yards from the resort.


Manta-cabanasUnfortunately, Hurricane Iris did extensive damage to the resort and Caye Resorts sold Manta to its current owner, who has elected not to operate it for the foreseeable future.

However, for those who would like nothing more than to experience that great diving and snorkeling, spectacular flats fishing for bonefish and permit and one of the most unique atolls in the Caribbean, try Isla Marisol Resort, just literally yards away from Manta Resort, across the lagoon.


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